Airbnb, Northampton County reach hotel tax agreement

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Airbnb and the County of Northampton recently have finalized an agreement under which Airbnb will collect and remit taxes to Northampton County, starting Aug. 1, 2018.

“We’re glad Airbnb has reached this agreement with us,” Northampton County Executive Lamont McClure said. “Our Hotel taxes are used to promote tourism and economic development. They provide an important stimulus to our economy.”

Non-profit organizations and municipalities may apply for grants from the Hotel Tax fund to promote events and activities in Northampton County. The funding comes from a four percent tax on hotel guests.

In this past year, 140 residents of Northampton rented out their properties or parts of properties to 8,800 guests through Airbnb. In 2017, the typical Airbnb host earned $3,900 in annual income by renting out their home for approximately three nights per month.