CNX Resources, aircraft manufacturer to use methane emissions to fuel aircraft

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CNX Resources Corp., a Pittsburgh-based natural gas development, production, midstream, and technology company, and New Frontier Aerospace (NFA), a manufacturer of renewably fueled hypersonic vertical landing aircraft, recently entered into an agreement to utilize abated methane emissions to fuel net carbon neutral ground and flight tests of NFA’s landing aircraft.

“Like our recently announced partnerships with Pittsburgh International Airport and Newlight Technologies, this collaboration further demonstrates CNX’s unique combination of assets, innovative technologies, and proven operational expertise, which is helping to lead the sustainable energy revolution.” Ravi Srivastava, CNX president of new technologies, said. “Through this agreement, we are not only abating methane emissions from being emitted to the atmosphere, but we are also transforming the way people will travel in the future in a faster, more environmentally sustainable manner.”

The companies are working to achieve air travel that is carbon neutral before the airline industry’s 2050 target date.

Under the agreement, CNX’s carbon-negative methane will be sold to NFA at a premium compared to conventional natural gas. The methane captured for the partnership will allow CNX’ to expand its methane capture program.

Anew Climate, a marketer of low carbon intensity renewable fuels and a provider of comprehensive climate solutions, facilitated the agreement.