PA House Republicans advocate immediate vote on Senate Tax Cut plan

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On Tuesday, PA House Republicans called for the immediate vote and passage of a bipartisan Senate-passed tax cut plan.

The plan would reduce the Personal Income Tax and eliminate the Gross Receipts Tax on electricity. Republican representatives said a House version of the plan is ready to be introduced and that it should be approved without amendment or partisan gimmicks. House Republican Leader Bryan Cutler (R-Lancaster) said the plan would put more money in Pennsylvanians pockets.

“If we are to use the surplus money we have now, we call on all lawmakers to join us in recognizing it is not ours to spend to balloon government bureaucracy,” Cutler said. “We must reject the notion it is fiscally sound to add unsustainable recurring costs onto the taxpayers and the Pennsylvanians who are already paying more and getting less. We believe this money comes from the taxpayers, and it must be returned to the taxpayers.”

The House version of the plan, which will be introduced by Reps. Tim O’Neal (R-Washington) and Josh Kail (R-Beaver) has support from the entire House Republican leadership team, officials said.

“We are not talking about tax breaks for just a privileged few or for massive corporations. This plan would mean more money in every single paycheck in Pennsylvania and would immediately reduce electricity bills for every single consumer,” O’Neal said. “Think about what even a small boost in a working mom’s paycheck would mean for her family. Or what a reduction in an electricity bill would mean for a retired couple.”