Himalaya Technologies to purchase Mad Hatter Society

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Pittsburgh-based Himalaya Technologies, a technology development company focused on projects enhanced by blockchain and artificial intelligence, recently signed an agreement to purchase Mad Hatter Society, a Web3 development company, for an undisclosed amount.

The transaction will be subject to specific performance benchmarks pre-closing, including all assets such as contracts, customers, equipment, and proprietary code.

Under the terms of the agreement, Himalaya Technologies will conduct comprehensive due diligence during a 90-day exclusivity period.

“We are thrilled to welcome Mad Hatter Society into our corporate family,” a Himalaya Technologies spokesperson said. “This acquisition aligns perfectly with our strategy to innovate and expand within the digital finance arena, and we are excited about the future opportunities this partnership will create.”

The purchase allows Himalaya Technologies to expand by broadening its digital finance capabilities and enhancing its portfolio of Web3 offerings. Mad Hatter Society’s advanced technologies will benefit from Himalaya Technologies’ market reach and will significantly enhance the liquidity pool funding operations.

“Joining forces with Himalaya technologies is a transformative step for our operations, reinforcing our commitment to advancing tokenization of real world assets and digital payment technologies,” representatives from Mad Hatter Society said. “We anticipate great success as we merge our strengths and develop new paths together.”

The goal is to close the acquisition within 30 days.