Mawson Infrastructure Group expands co-location services

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Mawson Infrastructure Group, a digital infrastructure company focused on Bitcoin production, recently signed an agree with Consensus Technology Group to expanded its co-location services business by approximately an additional 5,880 miners or approximately an additional 20 megawatts.

“We are very pleased to increase and grow our co-location services business,” Rahul Mewawalla, Mawson CEO and president, said. “After successfully executing and implementing three consecutive co-location customer agreements since the start of Q4, 2023, we are delighted that we have further expanded our enterprise customer agreement with Consensus. Our expansion of this enterprise customer relationship reflects our operational and technological excellence and the growing strength of our co-location digital infrastructure platform, in addition to our expertise across our other businesses including our self-mining bitcoin business and our energy management businesses.”

An initial agreement signed in October was for approximately 15,876 miners or approximately 50 megawatts.

Under the March customer service addendum, Mawson has agreed to provide Consensus co-location business services of approximately 21,756 miners or approximately 70 megawatts. Upon full deployment, Mawson’s total co-location services business will expand to approximately 25,284 miners or approximately 82 megawatts.

Mawson also operates self-mining bitcoin and energy management businesses in addition to its co-location services business.