Coherent launches laser welding system for medical devices

© Coherent Corp.

Saxonburg-based Coherent Corp., a provider of industrial lasers used in precision manufacturing, recently introduced its ExactWeld 410 laser welding system for medical device manufacturing.

“This is an exciting micro-welding system built on the new cost-optimized fiber laser technology, the PowerLine FL, that we introduced recently in June,” Simon Reiser, Coherent Laser Systems and Tools Business Unit senior vice president and general manager, said. “With the ExactWeld 410, customers can easily retool to produce a wide range of medical devices. This minimizes downtime and protects the investment for the long term.”

The ExactWeld 410 uses software to simplify process validation and increase production efficiency. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration requires traceability for agency-certified manufacturing lines. With ExactWeld 410, this is achieved by storing process records in the cloud.

The system has a small footprint, enabling it to fit into production lines where floor space is at a premium. It also supports a broad range of application and production needs.

Coherent produces products for the communications, electronics, industrial, and instrumentation markets. It has manufacturing, research and development, and distribution facilities worldwide, including 22 application labs in 11 countries and more than 50 service centers.

The company employs 650 factory-trained service engineers.