CNX, Dynamis Power Solutions introduce first electric-powered drilling system

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Pittsburgh-based CNX Resources Corporation announced Tuesday it would be working with Dynamis Power Solutions to introduce the Appalachian Basin’s first electric-powered drilling system fueled entirely by on-site natural gas.

As part of an ESG agreement, Dynamis will partner with CNX to implement the Dynamis Gas Hybrid Drilling Package, which combines high-efficiency, continuous-duty natural gas reciprocating power generation with battery energy storage technology that will decrease engine emissions, reduce fuel consumption, and optimize the power system operation.

“We’re pleased to once again be the first mover on new technology that advance sustainable and state-of-the-art natural gas development in the Appalachian Basin,” commented CNX Chief Operating Officer Chad Griffith. “Our partnership with Dynamis advances our position as the region’s lowest cost producer while continuing to drive meaningful environmental and community solutions in what is already the world’s most prolific and environmentally friendly natural gas basin.”

CNX entered into the first long-term agreement for 100 percent electric hydraulic fracturing fleet in the Appalachian Basin in 2018. Since then, building on its record of innovation and ESG leadership, CNX has announced a four-year extension of the initial e-frac agreement.

The hybrid natural gas system eliminates diesel fuel consumption on pad for drilling rig operations, and, as a result, CNX expects significant annual fuel savings in addition to C02 and NOX emission reductions.

“Dynamis is excited to deliver our engineered hybrid solution as a cleaner path to power in the drilling space,” Dynamis CEO Matt Crawford said. “CNX is a trusted partner that aligns with our relentless pursuit of sustainable energy through disruptive technologies. Together, we are setting the sustainable and innovative standard for drilling power.”

Recently, CNX announced it had developed technology to produce compressed natural gas and hydrogen on-site, among other fuel alternatives. The partnership with Dynamis, the company said, would provide the ability to further transition the fuel mix for the drilling rig and further reduce greenhouse gas emissions.