Wabtec acquires rail solutions company

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Wabtec Corp., a global supplier for freight and transit rail, recently acquired Collins Aerospace’s ARINC rail solutions business segment for an undisclosed amount.

ARINC provides intelligence-based rail dispatch and back office solutions to transit, regional, inter-city, commuter, subway, and light rail systems across the United States and Canada. This includes dispatch and back office capabilities with fully integrated train control and Positive Train Control (PTC), control center integration and customer information systems, cybersecurity, and life-cycle management solutions.

ARINC’s RailwayNet product provides connectivity to the Interoperable Train Control Federated Network that supports PTC messaging. It includes full message functionality, back-office and operations center services, system monitoring, and support.

The purchase gives Wabtec a digital and electronics portfolio.

“ARINC’s rail solutions systems, coupled with Wabtec’s digital and electronics portfolio, will accelerate the industry’s journey of rail optimization,” Nalin Jain, Wabtec Digital Electronics business president, said. “Our combined technologies will optimize the rail network and deliver a rail ecosystem with increased productivity, efficiency and safety.”

Founded more than 150 years ago, Wabtec provides equipment, systems, digital solutions, and value-added services for the freight and transit rail, industrial marine, and mining industries.

The company has set a goal of achieving a zero-emission rail system worldwide.