U.S. Steel expands its sustainability commitment

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United States Steel Corp. (U.S. Steel) recently expanded its sustainability commitment by setting a goal of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

“Climate change is a global crisis that requires a global response,” David B. Burritt, U.S. Steel president and CEO, said. “Today, by announcing our net-zero goal, U.S. Steel is committing to doing our part to support the U.N. Paris Agreement on climate change to achieve global carbon neutrality by 2050. With our 120-year history of innovating to solve any challenge, U.S. Steel intends to be a part of the climate solution.”

The company plans to meet its goal by increasing the number of electric arc furnaces, carbon-free energy sources, carbon capture, direct reduced iron, sequestration, and utilization.

Public-private collaboration with other industries and global stakeholders to develop innovative breakthroughs will also affect the goal’s achievement, the company said. This includes access to commercially available carbon-neutral electricity sources.

U.S. Steel previously set a goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 20 percent company-wide by 2030. The company is headquartered in Pittsburgh and operates throughout the United States and Central Europe.

The company also recently purchased Big River Steel, the country’s only LEED-certified steel mill.