U.S. Steel representatives confirm major sustainability commitments

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United States Steel Corp. representatives spoke Tuesday on the sustainable steel panel at Ceres Conference 2021: Transform Tomorrow Today.

Panelists included David B. Burritt, president and CEO; Kenneth E. Jaycox, senior vice president and CCO; and Richard L. Fruehauf, senior vice president and chief strategy and development officer.

Fruehauf spoke about the company’s commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. He also spoke about the company’s LEED-certified Big River Steel subsidiary and technological advances.

“We know that the urgency of the climate crisis requires more from all of us,” Burritt said. “So, we’re changing our portfolio of steelmaking technologies. Creating something new, steels that are best for our customers and best for our planet. Together we can build a sustainable future.”

During the panel discussion, Jaycox also unveiled its sustainable steel product line, verdeX, which is part of its commitment to sustainable practices.

Headquartered in Pittsburgh, U. S. Steel was founded in 1901. It operates in the United States and Central Europe.

The company uses its customer-centric Best of Both world-competitive integrated mini mill technology strategy to advance a sustainable future. Its sustainable steel products serve the appliance, automotive, construction, containers, energy, and packaging industries.