Social media campaign focuses on encouraging mask wearing

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The Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry, the state’s largest broad-based business association, recently launched a social media campaign that features employers and medical professionals promoting mask wearing as part of Pennsylvania’s COVID-19 recovery efforts.

The campaign is part of the Bringing PA Back initiative, and the chamber partnered with the Pennsylvania Medical Society, and the Hospital and Healthsystem Association of Pennsylvania.

The campaign encourages business owners, employees, and medical professionals to post images of themselves or their staff on social media wearing masks.

The campaign’s goal is to illustrate that mask wearing is not a political issue or a personal choice but something done to restore public health and the economy.

“Employers that are doing their best to safely remain open and protect their livelihoods and local economies have faced a number of challenges in their effort to promote mask wearing, including meeting resistance from members of the public who believe that businesses are deciding on their own whether to enforce mask wearing policies,” Gene Barr, PA Chamber president and CEO, said. “Our new campaign helps these employers spread awareness that they are promoting mask wearing because they’re being directed to by the state; along with other important reasons – failing to wear masks can result in costly litigation, the loss of a business’s insurance, or even the loss of their license that allows them to remain open.”