Gov. Wolf introduces program to help navigate new “My Clean Slate” law

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Gov. Tom Wolf recently introduced a program to make it easier to navigate Pennsylvania’s new Clean Slate law, which seals low-level criminal records after 10 years without a subsequent criminal arrest.

Wolf announced the program alongside representatives of Community Legal Services, the Pennsylvania Bar Association, Center for American Progress, the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry, legislators, and various stakeholder and advocacy groups at the PA CareerLink Harrisburg Region.

“Clean Slate is an incredibly important piece of my administration’s commitment to helping formerly incarcerated or arrested individuals get their lives back on track,” Wolf said “And as with any new law, implementation can be complicated and somewhat difficult to understand. Clean Slate is no different. So, for those looking to avail themselves of Clean Slate, who wish to wipe clean the slate of their past, there is help navigating the process, thanks to the organizations present here today.”

Community Legal Services created the “My Clean Slate” program in partnership with the Pennsylvania Bar Association to provide free legal consultation to Pennsylvanians to determine whether they are eligible for the provisions of the Clean Slate legislation.

Clean Slate, Act 56 of 2018, automatically seals records of second- and third-degree misdemeanor criminal convictions after 10 years without a subsequent arrest, prosecution or conviction. This sealing will occur between June 2019 and June 2020, and other records may be sealed if a court petition is filed before June 2019.

“Sometimes people make stupid mistakes in their youth,” Rep. Sheryl Delozier (R-Cumberland) said. “Minor indiscretions should not prevent someone years later from getting a job or obtaining good housing. As author of this new law, I encourage anyone with a nonviolent criminal record to see if they are eligible for this opportunity. It is an honor to spearhead this effort and help make Pennsylvania a leader in the movement to erase a minor indiscretion from a person’s record.”