Pittsburgh’s transit board adopts FY25 budgets

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On Thursday, the Pittsburgh Regional Transit’s (PRT) Board adopted its Fiscal Year 2025 operating and capital budgets.

Totaling more than $539 million, the operating budget represents less than a 1 percent increase over last year’s budget despite inflation, rising costs and a labor shortage. The budget also takes into consideration a one-year 10 percent reduction in pension and employee benefit costs. The board said it had balanced its budget by using $78.2 million from reserves – the first time in the past 10 years the agency has dipped into its deferred revenue account.

“Public transit is the answer to solving many of our region’s most pressing challenges, including economic recovery, inequality, and climate change,” PRT CEO Katharine Kelleman said. “This budget continues to build on the foundation we’ve established to improve the transit experience for riders and advocate for increased funding to support our system for years to come.”

The PRT FY25 capital budget of $162 million will fund 59 projects, including the Mt. Washington Transit Tunnel rail replacement ($17 million) the Panhandle Bridge rehabilitation ($16.1 million) and the West Mifflin facility improvements ($11 million).

However, the budget does not include PRT’s share of additional state operating assistance as proposed by Gov. Josh Shapiro. That plan would give the agency $39 million as part of Shapiro’s plan to shift more than $280 million in sales tax revenue to public transit agencies. The budgets also do not include the local match associated with such an increase.

The agency said it would amend its budget if Shapiro’s proposal is approved.