State Senate Transportation Committee advances two bills addressing gas taxes

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The Pennsylvania Senate Transportation Committee recently voted to advance two bills reforming the state’s gas tax.

Senate Bill 35 would end the automatic gas tax increase and permanently set the average wholesale price at $2.99 per gallon.

“My Senate Bill 35 will cut the gas tax before hardworking families must pay the second highest gas tax in the nation,” state Sen. Wayne Langerholc, Jr. (R-Cambria/Clearfield), committee chairman, said. “At a time when our constituents are faced with rising costs at the pump, grocery store, and utility bills, no elected official should be voting against this legislation,”

Senate Bill 121 would dedicate gas tax revenues to road and bridge safety projects. It also would ensure the Pennsylvania State Police receives funding from sources beyond the susceptible Motor License Fund.

“As a former assistant district attorney, I understand and support the critical need to fully fund our state police, but funding needs to come from a sustainable funding source such as the General Fund,” Langerholc said. “By moving Senate Bill 121 early in this session, I am making it clear it needs to be part of the overall budget conversation to ensure the Motor License Fund will be used for its intended purpose.”