PPG to purchase renewable energy for Michigan facility

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PPG recently signed a 1.5 megawatt, 12-year agreement with Constellation, a producer of carbon-free energy and a supplier of energy products, to purchase clean, renewable energy for its Adrian, Mich., facility.

Under the agreement, the Double Black Diamond Solar Energy Project will provide PPG with energy and project-specific renewable energy certificates.

Constellation, under a separate agreement, will purchase a portion of the certificates and energy Double Black Diamond generates from Swift Current Energy, a renewable energy investor that is the project’s owner and developer.

The Adrian facility will receive approximately 3,500 megawatt hours of energy annually.

“We recognize the pivotal moment we are facing for climate change and how much work there is to be done to reduce our collective carbon impact,” Diane Kappas, PPG vice president of global sustainability, said. “Our collaboration with Constellation and Swift Current Energy will allow us to continue making progress against our near-term decarbonization goals and enable us to operate our Adrian facility in a more energy efficient manner. We look forward to identifying additional renewable energy opportunities globally to meet our greenhouse gas emission reduction targets.”

The project will begin construction by the end of the year, and PPG will begin receiving energy in 2024.