Argo AI introduces autonomous vehicle product for rideshare, delivery sectors

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Pittsburgh-based Argo announced Monday that its Argo AI had developed a suite of products and services designed to enable businesses to use autonomous vehicles to enhance ridesharing or delivery operations.

The products are customizable, the company said, based on needs, and will bring together cutting-edge self-driving technology, vehicle and fleet management solutions, and robust data and analytics to achieve scalable autonomous operations.

“Advancements in autonomy will improve the safety and accessibility of our roads while also solving real business challenges,” said Brett Browning, chief technology officer and executive vice president of Product Development at Argo AI. “By creating this full suite of products and services, Argo offers businesses across a broad range of industries everything they need to take advantage of self-driving technology at scale.”

The products were created by leveraging Argo’s years of experience developing, testing, and operating elf-driving technology on multiple vehicle types in eight different global cities. The company also used input from other companies in creating products and developing processes, which allowed Argo to develop tools to serve ride hail and ride pooling, as well as middle- and last-mile delivery. Currently, the products are operating consumer-facing ridesharing with Lyft and autonomous goods delivery with Walmart, the company said.

“We know from our integrations with several businesses that customers want more than autonomous vehicles to feel confident in incorporating autonomy into existing services,” continued Browning. “They require corresponding tools and solutions that can be tailored to solve their day-to-day operational needs.”