Max Solutions opens first plant in Bristol

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Max Solutions, a differentiated specialty packaging company, recently opened its first facility in Bristol.

“We believe our new factory is the most advanced packaging facility in North America,” Dennis Kaltman, Max Solutions president and COO, said. “The technology we’ve invested in offers the capacity and capabilities to provide unmatched differentiation and the highest level of contingency planning to our customers.”

Max Solutions was founded last November and produces folding cartons and labels for the health care and consumer markets.

Its 100,000-square-foot factory will help the company meet the demands of its customers’ growing markets.

In addition, the company plans to open its second factory this October in North Carolina. It will give the company a combined 250,000 square feet of manufacturing space.

“These new factories, along with our dynamic and exceptional team, position us to provide superior quality and exceptional service to our customers while remaining focused on driving long-term strategic growth,” Max Solutions CEO Marc Shore said. “We’re excited to participate in the Bristol and Concord communities and look forward to continuing this positive momentum as we move forward.”

Max Solutions aims to deliver unmatched impact through investments in next-generation technology, innovation, supply chain optimization, and employee empowerment.