Liquor board approves $1.9 million in grants

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The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB) recently approved $1.9 million for 15 projects that increase the production of Pennsylvania-made malt and brewed beverages and wines, and enhance the state’s beer industry through promotion, marketing, and research-based programs and projects.

The Pennsylvania Malt and Brewed Beverages Industry Promotion Board was created in 2016 within the Department of Agriculture and authorized by the PLCB to approve up to $1 million annually for the development and marketing of the Pennsylvania beer industry.

The promotion board recommended seven beer projects totaling $925,319 to the PLCB for approval.

The Pennsylvania Wine Marketing and Research Board was expanded in 2016 and authorized by the PLCB to approve up to $1 million annually for wine research and promotion.

The marketing and research board recommended eight wine projects totaling $1 million to the PLCB for approval.

“Pennsylvania industries have to adopt new ways of doing business in the COVID-19 world, and these grants will provide substantial funding to help two vital parts of our agricultural community not only explore ways of improving production methods, but also boost marketing efforts that reach beyond our borders,” Gov. Tom Wolf said.

The PLCB regulates the distribution of beverage alcohol in Pennsylvania, operates 600 wine and spirits stores statewide, and licenses 20,000 alcohol producers, retailers, and handlers.