Planned facility will increase Pittsburgh airport’s ability to handle cargo

© Pittsburgh International Airport

The Cargo 4 facility planned at Pittsburgh International Airport will allow the airport to increase its cargo handling capabilities by accepting freight from abroad and distributing it throughout the eastern United States.

The nearly 80,000 square-foot facility will include 17 loading docks for trucks, 7,300 square feet of office space on two floors, and 75,000 square feet of warehouse space.

Loading docks will be equipped with Unit Loading Devices and dock levelers, allowing flatbed trucks to access the interior of the warehouse no matter the weather.

Workers will have the ability to separate goods deemed valuable, vulnerable, or hazardous.

Other features include additional space for security screening and a truck management system that will schedule tractor-trailers arriving to pick up or drop off goods.

In addition, the facility’s plans make it possible to expand capabilities in the future to hold more equipment.

“The whole premise of Cargo 4 is that it is going to allow Pittsburgh International Airport to grow based upon what the logistics industry needs,” Jeff Bezek, director of engineering, said. “That way, we will now have the added flexibility to expand our cargo footprint.”

Cargo 4 is expected to open in 2024.