Resolution would create commission focused on updating education system

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A concurrent resolution soon to be introduced in the state Senate would create a bicameral, 18-month commission focused on the state’s education system.

The 2030 Commission on Education and Economic Competitiveness would study the challenges within the current system, learn from approaches to systemic redesign used in other parts of the world, and develop policy solutions that will enable educators and students to meet the future.

A Subcommittee on Education Planning would supplement the committee and would be comprised of representatives from stakeholder organizations. The subcommittee would conduct in-depth research and policy analysis to inform the commission’s work.

The goal is to redesign the state’s antiquated education system and prepare students for the future economy. Currently, many parts of Pennsylvania are heavily dependent on sectors in danger of job losses caused by automation.

The 2030 Plan will create a vision for what the education system can look like in 2030; compare the future vision to the present and identify policies that will be needed to bridge that gap; forecast the skills and competencies workers and citizens will need to be competitive in the future; give the 2023 legislative session recommendations; and present a preliminary implementation plan.