Michael Keaton purchases ownership stake in green-technology company

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Actor Michael Keaton recently purchased an ownership stake in a plant that Nexii Building Solutions, a green-construction technology company, plans for Pittsburgh.

Trinity Sustainable Solutions, a Nexii certified manufacturing company, will develop the plant. The plant will become the second facility in the United States and sixth in the world for Nexii and the first plant built entirely from its sustainable concrete alternative, Nexiite.

“Growing up, many of my neighbors worked in Pittsburgh’s famous steel plants; the lore was that a businessman would take an extra white shirt to work because the one he started with would get so dirty from the mills’ polluted air that he’d have to put on a fresh one to come home,” Keaton said. “Nexii’s new plant will create more than 300 green, healthy job opportunities and help revitalize my hometown in a way that helps folks right now while paving the way for future generations.”

Keaton describes himself as an “unapologetic environmentalist.”

The plant is expected to open during summer 2022.

Nexii’s sister plant in Hazleton will produce the Nexiite panels and other materials to build the Pittsburgh plant. The panels will be shipped to Pittsburgh and bolted together on site.